Friday, 28 June 2013

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Goodies, goodies, goodies! Find out some of my recent great buys on my Youtube channel. If you like subscribe it would really make my day- did I mention its free!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

BEAUTY | Red Desire



Home Sweet Home


I recently moved back home from Uni and thought I'de share my new improved room. The pain of moving all of my stuff from what has been my home at Uni halls was pain full and stressful, but coming home to a tranquil boudoir.

I chose a light floral theme for my room I wanted somewhere to chill out and relax while home for the summer and a calming place for blogging. As my room at home is only my summer retreat I didnt want to spend loads of decor and accessories, Wilkinson and Dunelm are fast becoming a really good place to find affordable decor - so I would check it if you fancy a room revamp.

A happy home is a happy soul :)

Heart Jewellery Holder- Dunelm
Buddha Head- Dunelm
Clock & Bedding- Mother's Vintage
Canvas, Peony Fairy Lights,Popeye & Bowl and Cushion - Wilkinson   

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lets Save A Life!

I am doing the Race for Life for the 3rd time and I am desperate to meet my target so I'm reaching out!
I recently lost my Grandad to cancer and my Mum is recovering from Breast Cancer, so it is really important for me to help support a charity that saved my Mum and could save other someone elses Grandad.

If you want to join this amazing cause there is opportunities nation wide for you to take part. You don't have to run; we skipped and walked last year.

I am taking part in a group called  'The Belgrave Girls' it's a 5k run on Sunday 14th July @ Darley Park in Derby. If you want to sponsor us anything from a pennie to tenner I would really appreciate and you can do so here.

For more information or to get involved yourself, join here.

Thanks x

Start of My Youtube Chanel

Hey dolls I've finally started and this is my first video. Check it out and subscribe if you like.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I Call It My Treasure Chest


My jewellery is like my very own crown jewels. I don't like being away from home because I never know what jewels to take with me. But when I am in one place my jewellery is incredibly organised (well to me it is)  
The mirrored box is my first and fave storage, from Next Home a while back in the sale for just a fiver. It homes most of my rings and the odd bit of jewellery the ones that the hop the other hoop will turn up one day so keep just in case. 
Both the heart ring dish and black tree are both from a quirky little shop called Tiger in Kingston- Upon- Thames. I loved the boldness and originality of the tree but it's yet to find a permanent home as the black just throws of my spring colour scream of peony flowers, pink and white roses and cream comforters. The heart draws are from Dunelm and was on sale it stores my chunkier things such as big retro earrings and big bracelets. I'm a post-it note pusher- plastic wallet- colour coded kind of person so organisation is key.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Pucker Up

I've recently been rather unadventurous with my lip colour but I felt no need to worry because MAC Faux lipstick has become my everyday/go to/ must have lipstick. For me the pinky nude colour was suttle enough to wear with near enough everything. However I have found a practically identical shade for a fraction of the price - Kate Moss 036 the difference is minimal. 

MAC Soar Lip Pencil is a match made in heaven for this lipstick. I don't always have time for lip liner and with my lips being already define and plump I don't always feel I need it, but this particular liner along with the lipstick add a delightful glow to my face and make my lips look rather peachy if you ask me.

Oh I prep my lips with MAC Lip Prep and Prime, its a simple lip balm stick moisture stick that prepares for lips for a hard days work by softening the lips and preventing those bright colours from staining the lips; not forgetting the most imperative role of ensuring your lipstick stays on for longer. I'de invest if I was you.